...Phoenix: What makes you so passionate about local food?

Martha: I like the taste, really.   It’s something that’s so simple and so basic. It’s the fuel and energy for what we do.

P: How do you get people to care about where their food is produced?

M:  You have to show people. If they taste it, usually. Also, if each household in Maine spent 10 dollars on locally grown footds, it would keep an additional 100 million dollars in Maine’s economy.

P: At the end of this year, how will you know that you’ve been successful?

M: FFC is part of the Maine Sustainable Acts study so we have social and business missions. We are a business with a social mission which is to provide Maine farmers with another market and provide institutions with locally grown food.  So our goals at the end of the year would be to have a certain volume of Maine grown food to be used at the institutions. As far as the social goals part of it, we want to see kids, students, everyone asking for locally grown food....

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