Warren, ME


White Oak Farm is a 300+ acre diversified (non-GMO) fruit and vegetable production farm in Warren, ME. White Oak Farm uses a combination of organic and conventional growing practices, in order to continue to employ 60 individuals and maintain their production. White Oak practices natural fertilization, relying heavily on composts and animal manures (primarily chicken and dairy). Over the past 4 years, White Oak has been able to reduce their use of synthetically derived nutrients to about 5% of their total nutrient inputs. When it comes to disease and pest control, White Oak practices IPM (integrated pest management) and avoids the use of trans-lament, systemic, and neonicotinoid pesticides. When chemical control is necessary, White Oak will turn to the use of protectant (contact) pesticides. One of White Oak’s main priorities when it comes to growing food is safety. White Oak Farm was the first farm in the state of Maine to become GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) certified. And is now among only a handful of farms in the state of Maine who has complied to the stricter food safety standards, necessary to become Harmonized GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) certified.

More from the Farmer:

Q: What is your favorite thing to grow?
A: Early crops, tomatoes in May specifically, mostly because you’re able to watch something start growing [in the greenhouse] in the middle of January.

Q: Is White Oak a seasonal or year-round operation?
A: Field harvesting begins in April and continues throughout late November, depending on the frost.